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We know a thing to two about meat.

If you’re looking for fresh sausage, ham, jerky, and hamburger, you’re looking for Hackenmueller Meats. This old-time meat market has been serving the people of Robbinsdale and the surrounding area for more than 120 years. For the past 30 of those years, the store has been owned and operated by Gordy Lindenfelser. Come in anytime and you’ll find Gordy joking with visitors as he crafts fine sausages and other meats. It’s a skill he picked up from the previous owners of the shop, who actually stayed and worked another 10+ years with him to teach him what they knew.

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Those lessons have definitely paid off – both for Gordy and his customers, who get to enjoy the well-presented meats. From fresh ground burger to bacon, hams and sausages, you’ll find it at Hackenmueller Meats. The old-fashioned wieners are perfect for barbecuing and the ribs drip with barbeque sauce. The store is so popular with the locals that it sells between 600 and 700 pounds of bacon alone each week. Gordy has been honored by the community, and he served as the grand marshal during the 1994 Whiz Bang Days festival. Hackenmueller Meats is heavily involved in the local Chamber of Commerce, and donates to local charities and churches. Come discover excellence at Hackenmueller Meats.


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